Zaphoradraik Campaign Traits

Former slave:

You spent a portion of your life as a slave and have wandered to Crossroads in search of a place to go. You receive bonuses depending on the nature of your departure.

  • Released: Your master released you either out of kindness and favor or because you’d completed your term of service. You begin play with a masterwork weapon of your choice, a gift of thanks from your master. In addition, you gain a +2 trait bonus on knowledge (nobility) checks for your time spent serving the upper classes and a bonus starting reputation with the noble family you served.
  • Escaped: Your master was cruel and kept you against your will. When the chance to flee presented itself, you took it. The chance of your former master’s goons coming to collect you is always on your thoughts, making you light on your feet and ever open to change. You gain a +1 trait bonus to initiative and reflex saves.

Family outcast

Something happened in your past to force you out of your childhood home. You haven’t had contact with your family since the event but it’s made you stronger in your new life as an adventurer, keeping the wilds around Crossroads clear of danger. You gain a +2 trait bonus to survival checks from your time fending for yourself and a bonus starting reputation in Crossroads.


You have a lot of ideas and plenty of get up and go to see them through. Those around you may or may not support you, but that won’t stop you from realizing your dreams. You gain a +2 trait bonus on will saves and bonus starting reputation with the Crossroads merchant guild.


You make your living as a sellsword and are known around town, either through fame or infamy. You gain 100 bonus starting gold and bonus starting reputation in Crossroads.


You are an apprentice to a powerful mage, either one you’re still studying under in town or one you’ve graduated from in a distant land and have come here to further your education on your own. You gain a +2 trait bonus on spellcraft checks and bonus starting reputation with the Crossroads mage’s guild.


You’ve somehow gotten in with the network of thieves that prowl the streets of the world’s cities. Whether you were born into it or impressed them with raw natural skill, you’re part of their little family gang. You gain access to the black market, increasing your ability to find both magical and mundane items in towns. You additionally gain bonus starting reputation with the thieves guild.


You are a either a member of a local shrine or church, studying under the clergy that maintain it. Or you’re visiting with your high priest from another town. Your time spent under your mentors has instilled in you a deep understanding of your faith, granting a +2 trait bonus to Knowledge (Religion) checks and Spellcraft checks to identify divine spells.

Zaphoradraik Campaign Traits

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