• Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Government: Council of Tribal Elders


  • North: Forest of the Lost
  • South: Coastal Plains
  • East: Coastal Forest
  • West: Dragonspine Mountains

Towns and Cities

  • Capital: Quilaq
  • Major Cities: Kalmori, Fort Solis, Fort Lumen
  • Towns: Shakeim, Thurmine, Shakir, Nishka, Sanlow, Llyne, Port Cothwell, Saker’s Keep, Daemarrel, Guthram | Carrsak, Blencathra, Aysgarth, Dalry, Lundy

Natural Resources

Bison pelts, Dragon parts (blood, teeth, scales, etc), flour, spices, Copper, Silver, Gold, Iron, Granite, Lumber