Native Racial Naming Conventions

  • Allowen
  • Canid
  • Draken

Draken names are two tiered, they are given a simple name by their parents after they hatch. Usually no longer than a syllable or two, giving the parent something to bark when calling a specific hatchling.
Upon reaching adulthood, the draken mark the occasion by giving themselves a new name, typically consisting of two or three words, that they feel sums up their personality.

  • Ellar

Possessing one of the most complex naming systems in all of Zaphoradraik, the Ellar are very heavily loyal to their family traditions.
An ellar’s name, their true one, can tell you a lot about them and their family. Their first name is made up of two parts: their individuality, typically a single sylvan word having to do with a striking physical feature they have, and their history, which is a shared string of letters that all members of a specific family share. These strings vary depending on gender, typically the males following the father’s family while the females follow the mother.
Their middle name is the most varied of the three, a gift from the parents to the child as their hope for the future. Most often either a single-word concept or a name shared by an ancestor they wish to invoke.
Lastly the clan name. Ellar tend to be patriarcal though don’t hold strictly to this. Instead, clan dominance is based on the ‘age of blood’. This means older families hold more power and influence than more recent branches do. The leaders of these old blood families are most often elevated to noble status, given the title of Lord and given charge over a section of land, including the various glades within.

  • Insectid
  • Lwokgian
  • Lysard
  • Pantherian

Pantherian names are fairly simple and typically based on gender. Male cubs are given more intimidating names based on growling sounds, while female cubs are more often given names based on purrs and mewls.
Orphaned kittens, as it unfortunately happens often with pantherians, tend to name themselves. Since the circumstances that inspire their names vary, they often wind up with names that aren’t common to the rest of the race.

  • Pteribat
  • Rhodent
  • Taur

Native Racial Naming Conventions

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