Galaxy Type: Elliptical
Galaxy Name: Golden Halo

Star System Type: Binary

  • Host Star: Cyeannis Major
  • Color: Red
  • Size: 2x Earth’s Sun
  • Orbiting Planets: 4 (Aeri, Makelaken, Zaphoradraik, Xaemos)
  • Secondary Star: Cyeannis Minor
  • Color: Green
  • Size: 0.5x Earth’s Sun
  • Orbiting Planets: None

nebula-and-planet-13252-1366x768.jpg Planet Type: Silicate crystal
Planet Name: Aeri
Landscape: Mountain ranges composed of compressed glass-like material. Many have shattered over the life of the planet from meteorite impacts, littering the ground with jagged pillars and shards. ‘Rivers’ of liquid radium metal flow through valleys like water.
Atmosphere: Composed heavily of Radon and Helium gasses.
Habitable?: Local flora and fauna are distant relatives of the crysmal species. Fleshy creatures find the environment hostile without proper protective gear.

makelaken.jpg Planet Type: Terrestrial
Planet Name: Makelaken
Landscape: Thick rainforest jungles of blackwood trees. Wood is stronger than all known metals, requiring magical aid to harvest. Moss hangs heavily from everything and visibility is reduced to near nothing by thick fog and frequent rain.
Atmosphere: Composed of a mix of Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Oxygen.
Habitable?: Local fauna is giant sized and hostile, discouraging colonization projects. Planet is otherwise hospitable with minimal accommodations.

Planet Type: Terrestrial
Planet Name: Zaphoradraik
Landscape: Several rocky landmasses scatter across a vast freshwater ocean, leading to a varied landscape.
Atmosphere: Very dense and largely composed of Oxygen with a mix of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and other gasses.
Habitable?: Yes.

the_red_planet_by_ilhamzaini-d8n6nd3.png Planet Type: Ferrous Terrestrial
Planet Name: Xaemos
Landscape: Heavily Volcanic due to greater pull from both stars. Several mountain ranges scar the planet with one main one completely circling the equator. Rocks are nearly 90% iron deposits.
Atmosphere: Heavily composed of Carbon and Sulfur Dioxides with smaller concentrations of Hydrogen.
Habitable?: No.


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