As per pathfinder’s fame system, characters will begin play with a Fame equal to their character level + your Charisma modifier. Fame ranges from —100 to 100, with 0 representing a lack of any notoriety. Through the course of the campaign, your words and deeds help you build a reputation.
As you gain Fame, you’ll also earn prestige points which can be spent of various powers and boons.


  • Mage’s Guild
    Headquarters: Roaren Academy of the Arts, Pantheria
    Chapter house: Kalmori Port, Pantheria and Crossroads, Amadiin
    Availability: Public
    Membership requirements:
    ~Arcane casting class
    ~Recommendation from an existing member of rank 5 or higher
    ~Enrollment fee of 200 gp, and yearly dues of 100 gp per level of rank

Fame 1: You have comradery with the guild mages. Arcane spellcasting services are available at a 5% discount. This discount increases by 5% for every 10 Fame to a maximum of 50% (casting at cost for the mage).

  • Merchant’s Guild
    Before the implementation of the merchant’s guild, markets were controlled by a local (usually corrupt) figure. Prices were often volatile and sometimes varied on a whim, making trade between countries and even towns difficult.
    Today’s guild is in control of market prices wherever an outpost of the main guild resides. This keeps prices fairly standardized while also granting boons to the guild’s members and favored allies.

Headquarters: Kalmori Port, Pantheria
Chapter house: Most large towns and cities.
Availability: Public
Membership requirements:
~At least 1 rank in a craft or profession skill.
~Recommendation of an existing member to a recruitment officer.
~Enrollment fee of 50 gp and yearly dues of 20 gp per level of rank.

Fame 1: You are recognized by the guild and are known among the guild leaders. Towns with a merchant guild outpost count as being in your sphere of influence.

Fame 10: You have been accepted into the guild and are known to be helpful. You gain either an official or an honorary membership to the guild as well as a 5% discount in guild-controlled markets. This discount increases by an additional 5% for every 10 fame after this, to a maximum of 20% (the average margin of profit) at Fame 40.

  • Syndicate of the Faithful
    Base: Grand Cathedral of Zaphora, Melamarche City
    Chapter house: Kalmori Chapel of White, Pantheria and The Temple of the Just, Irok’Aken
    Availability: Private
    Membership Requirements:
    ~Zaphoran clergy (any level) automatically become members.
    ~Divine casting class at level 7 or higher

Benefits and Ranks:
Rank 1: Deacon. Pledge of Service ~ reasonable requests made by greater powers will be attempted to the greatest of your ability. Granted rank 1 guild benefits.
Rank 2: Priest. Pledge of poverty ~ all material gains (money and equipment) made from adventuring will go directly to the guild, which covers all living expenses and provides equipment appropriate for your level and rank. Grants a bonus when trying to sway the opinion of others. Granted rank 4 and lower guild benefits.
Rank 3: Bishop. Granted rank 6 and lower guild benefits
Rank 4: Archbishop. Granted rank 7 and lower benefits and is considered a guild officer.
Rank 5: Pontiff. Ordains new members. Granted rank 10 and lower guild benefits and is considered the guild master.

  • Thieves Guild
    Headquarters: Temple of the Moon, Airehtnap desert
    Chapter house: Most large cities and towns.
    Membership Requirements:
    ~Display skill and cunning to a guild scout.
    ~Participate in a successful heist with the guild.

Fame 5: You’ve been shown a few of the ropes by one of your fellow thieves. You have the ability to find a black market fence in any town with a guild safe house.

Guild Ranks
Benefits and Ranks:
Rank 0: Probationary rank, allows base access to dorms and facilities under supervision from a senior member
Rank 1: Grants a guild mark and unsupervised access to basic amenities. Grants a small room and 10% discount at guild sanctioned shops.
Rank 2: Grants unrestricted access to guild grounds. Allowed to borrow mundane equipment from the guild armory. Grants half-price access to guild functions.
Rank 3: Grants access to basic guild-specific facilities (mage library, etc).
Rank 4: Allowed to borrow minor magical equipment from guild armory.
Rank 5: Allowed to vouch for new members to guild official. Granted access to advanced amenities (larger room, better food, etc)
Rank 6: Allowed to borrow major magic equipment from guild armory.
Rank 7: Allowed access to advanced facilities. Allowed to take on apprentices.
Rank 8: Grants 50% discount on consumable items from guild-controlled markets (provided they donate to the guild regularly via any crafting skill).
Rank 9: Guild officer. Allowed to dismiss problem members and hire guards as needed.
Rank 10: Guild master. Allowed unrestricted access to the entire guild premises. Allowed to hire and dismiss members and staff at will.


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