A proud creature stands before you, a long muscular body covered in small scales that gleam with dull color. Its eyes consider you intently with what you can’t help but feel is that of a predator watching its prey…

The allowen are a race of naga-like humanoids, originally native to the deadly jungles of the tropical islands named for them. But they have cousins living in the depths of the ocean as well as the dry desert sands. They’re not typically friendly to outsiders but the occasional success has been made with contacting certain tribe leaders.

Typically running around 12-15 feet long and averaging 300 lbs for an adult, the Allowen’s body is mostly a muscular snake tail that they use to move around. Two humanoid arms extend from their torso, roughly 2 feet below the base of their skull, allowing them to wield simple spears and other weapons used for hunting and fighting. Scale color varies depending on environment. Typical ranges as follows:
Island allowen: Brown, green, black
Ocean allowen: Blue, green, beige
Desert allowen: Yellow, orange, red

Allowen live in tribal villages and practice an archaic form of magic known as voodoo. They nearly always react with hostilities toward outsiders, though being of another lizard-like race tends to at least give them pause.

Most allowen that leave their home villages are outcasts for one reason or another, either through great offense to their elders or willingly to pursue non-traditional occupations.

Alignment: Usually Chaotic Evil

Standard Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Racial Traits: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, -2 Intelligence
  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Humanoid (Reptilian)
  • Base Speed: 30 ft.
  • Languages: Allowen. Members with high intelligence can pick from Common, Draconic, Currish, and Aquan.

Feats and Skills

  • Sneaky: Members of this race gain a +4 racial bonus on Stealth checks.

Movement Traits

  • Terrain Stride: Members of this race can move through natural difficult terrain at their normal speed while within the chosen terrain. Magically altered terrain affects them normally.
    Island Allowen: Jungle
    Ocean Allowen: Water
    Desert Allowen: Desert
  • Climb: Members of this race have a climb speed of 20 feet, and gain the +8 racial bonus on Climb checks that a climb speed normally grants.

Offense Traits

  • Bite: Members of this race gain a natural bite attack, dealing 1d6 damage. The bite is a primary attack, or a secondary attack if the creature is wielding manufactured weapons.
  • Toxic: A number of times per day equal to its Constitution modifier (minimum 1/day), a member of this race can envenom a weapon that it wields with its toxic saliva. Applying venom in this way is a swift action.
    Paralytic Venom: Injury; save Fort DC 10 + the 1/2 user’s Hit Dice + the user’s Constitution modifier; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Dex; cure 1 save.

Ocean Allowen
Desert Allowen

Racial Feats