Character Building

  • No third-party material outside of campaign-specific homebrew. All official published material otherwise allowed by DM approval.
  • Stats are rolled in front of the DM using 6d4.
  • Starting level: 1
  • Max HP for level 1, average HP for every level thereafter.
  • Max starting gold/Wealth for level (existing characters get new gear if below this amount)
  • Pick one trait (up to 2 drawbacks allowed by DM approval), and one campaign trait.

Additional Campaign Information

  • This campaign will use a modified fame system for tracking PC deeds and influence. Certain quests and deeds will grant you Reputation with the various guilds, noble families, and public figures that will help you on your adventures. But remember that fame also works in reverse…
  • Some of the campaign-specific traits give you starting reputation with one of the various guilds and organizations throughout Zaphoradraik. These provide you a selection of boons or powers based on how high you rank among the members of your guild.
  • Catch up on the History of the World if you like, things will come out in the campaign as they will

Guardian Crystals of Zaphoradraik

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